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AINSE Statement regarding COVID-19:
10th November 2020

The health and wellbeing of our scholars, staff and collaborators is our highest priority. The AINSE team is working to assist all of our members during this time. In developing this precautionary approach, AINSE has consulted widely with stakeholders and taken the national and state guidelines, as well as equity of access, into account. At the AINSE Board meeting held on 10 November 2020, key activities for the January – March 2021 period were discussed in response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

AINSE continues to offer events and scholarships throughout 2020 – 2021. Our annual Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) School has moved to an online format in December 2020 and we will work continuously with the research community to explore how AINSE programs can best adapt to support their needs.

Please see the full list of current changes to upcoming AINSE events and programs below until 31 March 2021.

The Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) Mentorship Program continues to run via videoconferencing and online discussion sessions as per the regular schedule.

The Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) School will be held online with the Mentorship Program to continue to run via videoconferencing as usual.

Honours scholarships will continue on schedule, with applications open from December 1, 2020 to February 15, 2021. Successful applicants who defer their Honours enrolment will be accommodated

All current participants of the Scholarship AINSE ANSTO French Embassy (SAAFE) program have received a six-month no cost extension.

The Postgraduate Research Award (PGRA) application round will proceed on schedule in 2021.

Residential Student Scholarship (RSS) application round will proceed on schedule in 2021.

Early-Career Research Grant (ECRG) application results were announced in September 2020.

Existing PGRA scholars will be assisted with their individual research requirements and extensions matched with underlying primary scholarships when approved by the host university. Existing ECRG holders have been offered a six-month no cost extension.

A new program is planned for 2021 to help postgraduate students with career professional development opportunities.

AINSE continues to support the research community and monitor the ongoing situation.

Please feel free to share this correspondence, of 10 November 2020, with your research community where appropriate.

Kind regards,
AINSE Board and Management.
Tuesday 10 November 2020

2021 AINSE Winter School (Online): Nominations now open

The annual AINSE Winter School offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for senior undergraduate students to discover the potential for further research in nuclear science and related technologies. In an entirely-online format in 2021, students can meet and engage with future research collaborators, gain deep insight into ANSTO’s landmark research facilities, and network with other like-minded students from all across Australia and New Zealand.

Nominations for the 25th AINSE Winter School, held online from 5-9 July 2021, are open to all senior undergraduate students interested in learning about the techniques of nuclear analysis. Such techniques have applications across a wide range of disciplines, including archaeology, biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, materials science, medicine, nanotechnology, and physics.

Please visit our Winter School page for more information, and contact your local AINSE Councillor to apply.

AINSE Postgraduate Research Awards (PGRAs): Applications now open

Eligible students from AINSE Member Institutions who are in receipt of a Research Training Program (RTP) or equivalent award, and utilising ANSTO facilities as part of their Research Higher Degree program, can now apply for the 2021 round of the AINSE Postgraduate Research Awards (PGRAs).

AINSE PGRA Scholars will receive an increased stipend of A$8,250 per annum from 2021, in addition to generous travel and accommodation allowances, to assist them in their research.

Applications are now being sought from eligible postgraduate students undertaking research projects in the areas of Archaeology, Geosciences & Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences, and Materials Science & Engineering.

Applications close on 15 April 2021. For more details, including terms & conditions and the online application form, please visit our Postgraduate Research Award page.

AINSE Honours Scholarships: Applications now open

Eligible students from AINSE Member Institutions who are enrolled in an Honours (or equivalent) program can now apply for the 2021 AINSE Honours Scholarship.

AINSE Honours Scholars will receive a one-off A$5,000 stipend to assist them in their studies.

Applications have been extended by 1 month and will now close on 15 March 2021. For more details, including terms & conditions and a link to the online application portal, please visit our Honours Scholarship page.


4th AINSE Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship School

In the first week of December 2020, 57 students from 27 universities across Australia and New Zealand connected online with a host of remarkable STEM leaders at the fourth annual AINSE Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) School. AINSE received funding support from ANSTO and the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer to …

4th AINSE Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship School Read More »

Congratulations to our new ECRG and RSS scholars

AINSE are delighted to announce the awarding of 17 new Early Career Researcher Grants (ECRGs) and 6 new Residential Student Scholarships (RSSs) in 2020.

The AINSE ECRG provides up to A$10,000 to scholars in their first five years of a postdoctoral Early Career Research position who are undertaking research in collaboration with ANSTO. The grant can be spent on laboratory consumables, travel and accommodation costs, and relevant conference registration fees associated with the collaborative research project. Carer requirements, including childcare costs, are also eligible for funding under the ECRG.

The AINSE RSS is a top-up scholarship provided for postgraduate students needing to stay at ANSTO facilities for an average of 6 months or more per year. The RSS provides a stipend of A$7,500 per annum in addition to $5,000 per annum in travel support. An additional accommodation allowance is provided for eligible students travelling interstate or overseas to access ANSTO facilities.

AINSE wishes to congratulate our new cohort of ECRG and RSS recipients. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their innovative research projects, undertaken in collaboration with the world-class facilities at ANSTO.

For further information, please visit our ECRG and RSS websites.

Congratulations to our new SAAFE scholars

AINSE wish to extend our congratulations to Meltem Bayrak and Sachini Pathirannahalage, our two new Scholarship AINSE ANSTO French Embassy (SAAFE) recipients for 2020.

The SAAFE program supports Early Career Researchers at PhD and postdoctoral levels to travel from Australia to France – and from France to Australia – to initiate sustainable research networks and linkages to support Australia and France in research and innovation.

Read more…

Congratulations to our 42 new PGRA scholars

AINSE wish to extend our congratulations to the 42 postgraduate students who have been selected to receive an AINSE Postgraduate Research Award (PGRA) commencing in 2020.

The PGRA is a top-up scholarship that may be held until the expiry of the receipient’s Australian Government Research Training Program scholarship or equivalent primary scholarship. In addition to providing a student with a stipend of A$7,500 per annum, the award provides access to ANSTO’s world-class facilities and expertise. An allowance for travel and accommodation expenses associated with access to ANSTO facilities is also provided.

To date, the AINSE PGRA has supported the training of 449 postgraduate students in nuclear science and related fields.

For further information, please visit our PGRA page.

AINSE 2020 Gold Medal Ceremony

On Wednesday 20th May, AINSE alumni Dr. Cynthia Isley and Dr. Gabriel Murphy were presented with AINSE Gold Medals in recognition of their outstanding research achievements.
Read more…

New research in Nature Communications: “The first Australian plant foods at Madjedbebe, 65,000-53,000 years ago”

Australia’s first people were skilled foragers with complex processing techniques for plant foods, according to recent research by AINSE PGRA Scholar Stephanie Anna Florin and her collaborators from The University of Queensland in partnership with the Mirarr people.

Their paper, published in Nature Communications, details analysis of charred plant remains at a site in western Arnhem Land dating back to 65,000 years ago – around the same time that the earliest Aboriginal Australians reached Sahul, the prehistoric super-continent of Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

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