Honorary Fellows

AINSE Honorary Fellowships are awarded by the AINSE Council to individuals for distinguished and dedicated services to the Institute. By maintaining links with AINSE, it is one means by which the scientific community will continue to benefit from the wisdom and experience of some outstanding scientists.

Honorary Fellow
Robert Burford

Allan Chivas

Leonard Lindoy – Citation

Brian O’Connor

John White – Citation






Hendrik ‘Henk’ Heijnis – Citation 2008
Trevor Hicks – Citation 2007
Gerald Laurence – Citation 2003
Ronald Cooper 2003
Trevor Ophel – Citation 1999
Peter Fisher 1998
Ian J Polmear AO 1995
E A ‘Bill’ Palmer OBE 1994
David Allen-Williams 1994
Brian M Spicer 1993
Desmond R Davy 1992
Eric O Hall 1992
Ralph W Parsons AO 1992
Maxwell Brennan AO – Citation 1991
Peter A Parsons 1991
David F Sangster 1991
 Purpose of the Award

To give recognition to appropriate persons for distinguished and dedicated service to AINSE and to encourage their continued interest in and support of AINSE and ANSTO activities.

  • Provide additional advice and guidance to university researchers, especially students, working on projects funded under an AINSE Award either at Lucas Heights or at a university in the locality where the retiree now lives.
  • Participate in AINSE funded research projects.
  • Provide comments and referees reports on applications for Fellowship, studentship and Grant Awards in cases where independent and expert review is called for.
  • Provide assistance to the local Councillor to promote AINSE and ANSTO within the university and community.
  • The right to use the title ‘AINSE Honorary Fellow’ and to name AINSE as the organisation to which the holder of this title is affiliated.
  • The provision of a suitable security pass to enable the ‘AINSE Honorary Fellows’ to gain access to the ANSTO library for the purposes of keeping up-to-date with research topics and, where applicable, participate in AINSE funded research projects.
  • The provision of funding to enable the ‘AINSE Honorary Fellow’ to visit Lucas Heights once a year.

Nominations for the award of ‘AINSE Honorary Fellow’ may be made by any AINSE Councillor.