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The Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) is an integral organisation for enhancing Australia’s capability in nuclear science and engineering by facilitating world-class research and education. AINSE offers a range of programs and services to its members including generous conference support, inspiring symposiums, Honours / Postgraduate scholarships and intensive education schools. These benefits aim to foster scientific advancement and promote an effective collaboration between AINSE members and ANSTO.

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AINSE 2016 Honours Scholarships - NOW CLOSED

Applications for AINSE Honours Scholarships are now closed.

AINSE Strategic Directions 2014-8

The AINSE Council has in its recent meeting formally endorsed AINSE’s Strategic Directions 2014-18. This provides the framework for developments which will give AINSE more agility, options and influence in facilitating the delivery of nuclear science and engineering. More information

Post Graduate Research Awards - NOW CLOSED

Applications for 2016 Post Graduate Research Awards - NOW CLOSED. More Information

New User Symposium 2016

New User Symposium 2016 - 6 September 2016 - More Information


The AINSE Trust

The purpose of the AINSE Trust, established in 2008, is to provide scholarships and fellowships for Australian students and researchers who are participating in AINSE programs.

You can help by providing a donation to the AINSE Trust. More Information

AINSE WINTER SCHOOL 2016 – 20th Anniversary


The purpose of the Winter School is to encourage undergraduates to take an interest in nuclear science and engineering and to learn how to apply these techniques in their future research. The Winter School accommodated 46 students this year, which included 41 students from 36 universities across Australia and New Zealand, and 5 AINSE postgraduate student helpers. A lottery of reserve students was run to fill vacant spaces. The feedback from the students so far has been phenomenal with students stating they are inspired and thankful for being given the experience.


“Because of the amazing work that AINSE does to facilitate students, I am seriously considering combining my university honours degree with research at ANSTO.”


This year’s theme was “Extreme Environments” and the line-up of speakers did not disappoint. The first guest speaker was Dr Mike Kuiper, who has worked as a field scientist in the Antarctic, and is currently a computational molecular researcher for the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative, helping scientists simulate proteins on supercomputers. AINSE was also fortunate to have Dr Gail Iles present at the school. Gail is an expert in subjecting herself to extreme environments – as well as being a skydiver and a scuba-diver, Gail has also flown over 500 parabolas in a zero-gravity airbus.  She entertained the students with amazing microgravity stories and footage during her presentation.  It was our pleasure as well to have Dr Paul Fraser as a guest speaker, FTSE, CSIRO Fellow, and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Researcher, to present his work on climate change and ozone depletion. Dr Fraser also joined the extreme environments panel at the close of the school, which was a great success. The AINSE team would like to thank the other participants in this panel Dr Krystyna Saunders, Dr Scott Chambers and Dr Gail Iles for their expertise and exciting presentations. Dr Adi Paterson closed the winter school with an inspiring talk and was supported by the AINSE President, A/Professor Claire Lenehan during the certificate ceremony.


This year’s winter school was once again another great opportunity to showcase the research at ANSTO. The presentations from the staff were inspiring and informative, and AINSE would like to take this opportunity to thank the presenters for their time, making the winter school another great success! The presentations were also complemented by the student project booklet, and research roundup dinner, with over 20 ANSTO researchers attending and networking with the students. Students were encouraged to discuss prospective projects with the researchers during the poster session on Thursday evening.


Following the feedback from the students from previous years, many of the social activities were included in the program, such as a movie and trivia night as well as the popular Sydney Harbour cruise, where ANSTO staff were invited to attend and mingle with the students under the brilliant backdrop of Sydney.


AINSE continues to encourage and promote nuclear science and engineering to senior undergraduate students through successful programs like the AINSE winter School, and this would not be possible without the dedication and efforts of all those involved.



14th South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association Conference (SPERA), 5-9 September 2016, Sanur Paradise Plaza, Bali