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Applications for AINSE Honours Scholarships have now CLOSED. Applicants will be advised of the results in late March 2015.

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The AINSE Council has in its recent meeting formally endorsed AINSE’s Strategic Directions 2014-18. This provides the framework for developments which will give AINSE more agility, options and influence in facilitating the delivery of nuclear science and engineering. More information

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AINSE Winter School 2015 13th-17th July

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2015 Post Graduate Research Awards NOW OPEN.

Applications for 2015 Post Graduate Research Awards (application form PGRA-2015) are NOW OPEN! Applications are due on 15th April 2015 and the successful students will commence 1st July 2015.

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VIDEO - 9th International IsoEcol Conference 2014

IsoEcol 9 2014 was held at The University of Western Australia and brought together an exciting mix of researchers from local, national and international universities, industry and government with interests in the development and application of stable isotope techniques to the ecological sciences. Please view our video from the event.

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The purpose of the AINSE Trust, established in 2008, is to provide scholarships and fellowships for Australian students and researchers who are participating in AINSE programs.

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Research Highlights

Reduction potentials of novel nitroimidazole radiosensitizers for stereotactic body radiotherapy



Ms Cho Rong Hong prepares a sample of tumour cells for a radiosensitisation experiment.


Fractionated radiotherapy is widely used to treat many types of cancer, but is not completely effective, is an arduous, extended treatment, and has serious side effects. A new form of radiotherapy (Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy), which uses fewer doses and shortens the treatment duration, is being evaluated worldwide. However, this therapy may be compromised by low oxygen levels (hypoxia) found in many human tumours.

Associate Professor Michael Hay, in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team (Ms Cho Rong Hong, Drs Muriel Bonnet, Kevin Hicks, Frederik Pruijn, Jingli Wang, and Professor Bill Wilson; all University of Auckland), have identified a new class of nitroimidazole-based radiosensitiser that sensitises these hypoxic cells within solid tumours to radiation. The electron affinity of these compounds is a key parameter which dominates the in vitro structure-activity relationships for radiosensitisation and toxicity and correlates with the one-electron reduction potential, E(1).

Working in collaboration with Associate Professor Bob Anderson (using the AINSE-supported Pulse Radiolysis Facility at the University of Auckland), we have used pulse radiolysis to determine the E(1) values of a series of these radiosensitisers. These potentials span the range for efficient reaction with DNA radicals (-500 to -342 mV) and allowed us to identify the most appropriate compounds for further development. Several compounds have been shown to radiosensitise hypoxic cells in vitro and in vivo and the group is pursuing funding to optimise the pharmacological properties of this novel class of radiosensitiser. This combination therapy has the potential to reduce side effects through improved tumour targeting, reduce health costs and improve patient experience through fewer hospital visits.

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2nd Asia Oceania Conference on Neutron Scattering
19-23 July 2015
Novotel Manly / Sydney Australia