AINSE - Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering

 AINSE Ltd  facilitates access to the national facilities at Lucas Heights by universities and other research institutions and provides a focus for cooperation in the nuclear scientific and engineering fields. AINSE arranges for the training of scientific research studentships in matters associated with nuclear science and engineering.


Funding opportunities offered by AINSE 



Application for AINSE Honours Scholarships will open in December 2014.


Applications for 2015 Round 1 OPENING SOON. 

AINSE Strategic Directions 2014-8

The AINSE Council has in its recent meeting formally endorsed AINSE’s Strategic Directions 2014-18. This provides the framework for developments which will give AINSE more agility, options and influence in facilitating the delivery of nuclear science and engineering. More information

AINSE Winter School 2015

AINSE Winter School 2015 13th-17th July

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2015 Post Graduate Research Awards OPEN FEBRUARY 2015

Applications for 2015 Post Graduate Research Awards open late February 2015 with applications due on 15th April 2015.  Sucessful students will commence 1st July 2015.

The AINSE Trust

The purpose of the AINSE Trust, established in 2008, is to provide scholarships and fellowships for Australian students and researchers who are participating in AINSE programs.

You can help by providing a donation to the AINSE Trust. More Information


AINSE Winter School 2014


AINSE offers scholarships to enable a nominated undergraduate student from each member Institution to attend the annual AINSE Winter School at ANSTO on applications of nuclear techniques. The scholarship is open to all senior undergraduate students in which knowledge of nuclear techniques of analysis would be of interest. Such techniques have applications in areas ranging from agriculture to zoology; and includes physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, geography, geology, and archaeology. ANSTO provides for the costs of the experiments whilst AINSE pays for travel, accommodation, all meals and social activities during the program. Interested students should contact their AINSE Councillor early in 2015 to nominate for the next AINSE Winter School. 


The 2014 Winter School was a huge success with almost full attendance from every AINSE member Institution.  AINSE Post Graduate award holders Lydia Mackenzie (AINSE John Ferris Memorial Scholar from the University of Queensland) and Josie Auckett (University of Sydney) assisted at the school along with AINSE Research Fellow Alison Blyth (Curtin University of Technology).


At the end of each School the students are fortunate to spend 2 hours with Dr Adi Paterson the Chief Executive Officer of ANSTO to ask questions about life as the CEO of Australia's only nuclear reactor.  Dr Paterson is pictured with the students below in the group photograph taken on the last day.







Upcoming Events

AINSE Theatre - Distinguished Lectures

ANSTO-AINSE Neutron School

Lucas Heights 3rd-7th November 2014 


AANSS 2014

AINSE-ANBUG Neutron Scattering Symposium

Lucas Heights 24th-25th November 2014