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ATF 2014

7th Accelerator Technology Forum - 20 - 23 May 2014

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

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Research Highlights


Pb-210 radiometric dating in sediment of three marine lakes receiving metal inputs from coal-fired power stations in Australia

In New South Wales, estuarine lakes receiving inputs from coal fired power plants have been shown to contain elevated metal concentrations which may be degrading aquatic ecosystems. This is potentially a major problem considering coal-power stations currently supply 49% of Australia’s electricity, with energy supply from coal fi red power stations projected to increase to 57% by 2040.
This project aims to investigate the history of trace metal contamination in sediments of Lake Macquarie, Lake Budgewoi and Lake Illawarra in order to evaluate the metal contamination profile of estuarine lakes receiving inputs from coal-fi red power stations. The geochronology of sediment cores showed an increase of Se concentration in the 60s for Lake Macquarie and Lake Budgewoi, corresponding to the start of power stations activities. Selenium concentrations decreased from the 70s, corresponding to the improved ash handling procedures established by the power stations in these 2 lakes.
The plot of Se concentration against the age of the sediment in the core collected in Lake Illawarra shows an increase of Se concentration in the 60s which corresponds to the start of Tallawarra Power stations activity. The time of closing the power station also correlates with the time at which Se concentrations decreased in the lake. These results show that mitigation measures taken by the power stations to improve ash handling procedures has been effective in reducing selenium inputs and should be considered at other power stations to minimize selenium contamination in Australian water systems.
This project is part of Larissa Schneider’s PhD thesis in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Canberra. Larissa is being supervised by Professor Bill Maher from the University of Canberra and Jaimie Potts from the Department of Environment and Heritage NSW.




Upcoming Events

AINSE Theatre - Distinguished Lectures

 'Women in Science', Dr Cathy Foley

17 April 2014 
11.00am - 12.00pm

Cathy Foley has become one of the most recognisable faces in Australian science, pursuing ground-breaking research and ideas. She has ultimately become a role model for young women and has formed numerous groups like the AIP Women in Physics Group, and Women in Superconductivity, to support women in science. For the past 28 years Cathy Foley has been actively promoting the role of women in science and physics. Last year she was honoured with the NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year Award.

ATF 2014 7th Accelerator Technology Forum

The ATF is an important platform for accelerator technicians and engineers from Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring regions to meet, discuss and exchange information relevant to maintenance, operation and management of accelerators and associated facilities.

Date: 20 - 23 May 2014

Where: Rydges Hotel, Cronulla NSW

AQUA 2014 Mildura Conference - back to the core!

AQUA invite you to join them in celebrating the 30th anniversary of AQUA by coming back to where it all began. The Grand Hotel in  Mildura hosted the first conference of the new association back in 1985 and we are honoured to have a good number of the original participants with us.

To pave the way forward, we encourage all people with an interest in the Quaternary to attend, particularly those of related fields, such as archaeology and environmental management.

Date: 29th June - 4th July 2014
Where: The Grand Hotel, Mildura