Travel Scholarships

International Conference Travel Scholarships

AINSE is now accepting applications for conferences for 2019 only.

International Travel Scholarship Application Form

Applications are invited from students from AINSE member universities who wish to present their AINSE supported research at an international meeting which is being conducted outside Australia.

Applicants should provide their personal details, name, university, supervisor etc as well as the following information:

  • full name of the conference;
  • location of the conference;
  • dates of the conference;
  • are you presenting an oral or poster? If so please provide evidence of the status of your presentation oral/poster, refereed/not refereed, accepted/not accepted;
  • details of (or plans for) publication of the results; note that the committee looks more favourably on applications with an intention to publish in high impact journals
  • the AINSE Award number(s) which relate to the research being presented;
  • abstract of your presentation; an ANSTO co-author must be included in the abstract
  • your budget including any additional support you have secured for the conference.

More support will be given when you are able to indicate an intention to publish the results being presented in a prestigious journal.

Support for international travel scholarships be given only when an ANSTO research scientists is a co-author on the paper being presented. In the event that there is no ANSTO co-author, and that evidence of other joint publications is presented, support will be considered at a lower priority.

Successful applicants will be awarded up to $1000.

Applications should be sent to