2010 Guidelines for the Preparation of Applications

These notes are intended to assist applicants complete the on-line application form


AINSE Ltd (the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering) makes AINSE Post-Graduate Research Awards (PGRA) in support of projects undertaken by its member universities which have an identifiable focus on nuclear and nuclear-related applications and/or on the use of Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) facilities and expertise and others as listed in the AINSE Users Guide. PGRAs are made at the discretion of the AINSE Council, through its Executive Committee.

AINSE Post-Graduate Research Awards have three components

· Stipend

· Award for travel and accommodation

· Award for Lucas Heights facility costs


The stipend during tenure of the award will be at rates announced by AINSE. The rate applicable from
1 January 2010 will be $7,500 pa.

Responsibility for establishing taxation liability lies with the recipient of an AINSE award.

Award for Lucas Heights facility costs

Charges apply to the use of all AINSE supported facilities (ASF) and services, hereinafter referred to as “facility costs”. AINSE will contribute towards facility costs which, at the discretion of the co-supervisor, may include the purchase of equipment, materials, and computing time essential to the research project. The supporting Award provided for these purposes is $5,500 pa, which will be paid direct to the university. Should facility costs exceed the supporting Award, ANSTO will fund the additional costs involved subject to prior arrangements being made with the student’s ANSTO co-supervisor. The co-supervisor shall be responsible for ensuring that funds from either the supporting Award or his/her own program area are available to cover any facility costs in other program areas.

Award for Travel and Accommodation

AINSE will provide a credit towards covering travel and accommodation expenses associated with an attachment or visit to Lucas Heights during the year of the Award. The mode of travel will be left to the student’s discretion but the travel component of the Award will be calculated on the basis of the most economical means of transport between the student’s university and Lucas Heights. In the case of students based in Sydney or Wollongong, a daily travel allowance is based on the distance between the University and Lucas Heights. Since the cost of travel and/or accommodation may change during the year, the AINSE award shall be regarded as a contribution towards these expenses, and shall not be adjusted to reflect the actual expenses incurred.

The accommodation component of the Award for an AINSE PGRA will be based on four weeks accommodation at the Lucas Heights Motel.


Each application should be prepared by the research student responsible for the project using the on-line form on AINSE’s website in consultation with their university supervisor and proposed ANSTO co- supervisor. The completed form must be signed by the candidate and an authorized person from the university Research Office.

Soft copy of application and accompanying documents

Pdf your signed application and all accompanying documentation and email to
Hard copy of applications and accompanying documents
The signed original of the compelted application form and accompanying documentation must be forwarded through your university’s Registrar or appropriate officer at the member university, to reach AINSE by the closing date 15 April 2010. Applications received after this date will not be considered .

AINSE will advise the member universities of the awards made in the current series of AINSE Awards before 30 June 2010.

General Procedure

· Apply for an AINSE PIN and start your application.

· Make a note of the application number.

· Save your application regularly. After the first save you have the option to print.

· Contact ANSTO research scientists and/or ANSTO Facility Contact Officers to discuss your application.

· Save your application regularly. Don’t click “submit” until you have completed your application because you cannot make changes to your application after you click “submit”.

· Send your completed application to both your university supervisor and your prospective ANSTO co-supervisor for comment.

· When you have incorporated any suggestions from your university supervisor and your prospective ANSTO co-supervisor print the completed application, sign it, and obtain the appropriate signature from your Research Office.

· Press “submit”

· Add to your printed copy all supporting documentation

· PDF your signed application and all accompanying documentation and email to

· The signed original of the completed application form and accompanying documentation must be forwarded to reach AINSE by the closing date 15 April 2010. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Web Browser

The AINSE online application form is not compatible with the Mozilla Firefox browser; please use Internet Explorer

If you are unable to make modifications and there are no IT personnel to assist please contact Ms Gillian Blackburn (telephone: 9717 3436).


To access the electronic application form you need a PIN. If you already have an AINSE PIN, please ensure you advise AINSE of any changes to your personal details. You can update your details using Application for a PIN. If you do not have a PIN please complete the Application for a PIN. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgment within 24 hours confirming your updated details or your PIN if you are a new applicant.


A candidate for an AINSE PGRA must be nominated by the member university of AINSE at which tenure of the Award is proposed.

As a prerequisite for applying for an Award, overseas students must produce evidence of having obtained the necessary entry permits to Australia. Tenure of an AINSE PGRA is conditional upon the student meeting the requirements of the governing authorities at ANSTO in connection with the use of ANSTO facilities.

Other factors that will be considered by AINSE include the undergraduate record of the applicant, evidence of research capability, and the degree of collaboration with ANSTO or other ASF facilities.

Project Title

A concise title that best describes the project is required. Please use 120 characters or fewer.

Socio-Economic and Research Field, Courses and Disciplines Codes

Using the Australian Research Council Standard Socio-economic Objective classification and Field of Research Classification Codes give the codes that most closely fit the expected outcome of the project. These Codes are on the ARC website under Information for Applicants.

Scientific Objectives

Provide a concise statement of the scientific objectives, in 100 words or less.

AINSE PGRAs support projects undertaken by its member organisations in the fields of nuclear science and engineering or their applications.

For a project to be considered it must satisfy AINSE of its high scientific merit, its scientific and technical feasibility, and the adequacy of plans, personnel and resources for its execution.


Include the relationship of the investigation to present knowledge and to comparable investigations in progress elsewhere, and the expected outcomes.

ANSTO Co-Supervisor

In the first instance the prospective ANSTO co-supervisor (usually an ANSTO research scientist) should be approached by the candidate to discuss details of the project.

It is expected that the university will appoint a suitably qualified member of staff from ANSTO as a co-supervisor of the project. The co-supervisor shall be responsible for ensuring that the ANSTO facilities and services required for the project can be made available in the year of the Award.

Proposed Method and Program

Provide a concise outline of the program for the project, in no more than 1000 words. Specify the design of the experiment, the procedure to be followed, project milestones for the achievement of scientific objectives, and any other information which will assist AINSE in making a scientific evaluation of the proposal.

Details should be given of the facilities, equipment, services, and consultations, which the candidate plans to use. The use of such facilities must be discussed with the ANSTO Facility Contact Officer responsible. A list of facilities and their ANSTO Facility Contact Officers details is given in the AINSE PGRA User’s Guide which includes the instruments associated with the new OPAL research reactor.

Additional information is required for many facilities, and should be discussed with the prospective ANSTO co-supervisor before the application is submitted. This information should be included in the application.

Academic Record of Candidate

You must provide certified statements of your academic record or certified transcripts of your academic record with your application. If the documents are not in English you must provide certified translations of the documents. If your undergraduate studies were undertaken in a country other than Australia, you should include an explanation of the marking/grading system.


Details of facilities are given in the AINSE PGRA User’s Guide. As mentioned above, you should already have contacted your preferred ANSTO co-supervisor and agreed on the most appropriate facilities and ascertained the availability of the facility and ANSTO staff.

You must state clearly and concisely why the facility you have chosen is the best for the project.

Any Other Information in Support of This Application

Use this space to provide additional supporting information especially regarding research capabilities and publications, or to expand upon information given elsewhere in the form.


When you a satisfied that the details in your application are complete you should

1. submit the form on-line and print a copy

2. incorporate additional documentation including your undergraduate record

2. the printed copy must be signed by

o        the candidate

o        an authorized member of your university’s Research Office

Scan all the documents to pdf and email to

The signed original of the application form with accompanying documents and the .pdf copy of the application and accompanying documents must be received by AINSE by the closing date 15 April 2010.

Your documents should be addressed to

Managing Director
Locked Bag 2001
Kirrawee DC NSW 2232