The AINSE Trust

Please feel free to Contact Ms Michelle Durant, Managing Director, AINSE on 02 9717 3388 to discuss any aspect of the Trust Fund.

If you wish to make a donation please fill in the donation form and forward to

The purpose of the AINSE Trust, established in 2008, is to provide scholarships and fellowships for Australian students and researchers who are participating in AINSE programs.

The Trust is a Deductible Gift Recipient Body. Donations, gifts and bequests larger than $2 are tax deductible.Smaller donations will be amalgamated to support post-graduate top-up scholarships (PGRAs), while larger ones which are sufficient to support a scholarship on their own, may support a named PGRA. A generous contribution from the family of the late Dr John Ferris, a long-standing ANSTO environmental scientist, to support a top-up scholarship in the area of environmental science marks the first major donation to the Trust Fund. It will support the John Ferris Memorial PGRA.

Scholarships and research fellowships awarded from the Trust will be subject to the well established AINSE peer review process.

You can help by providing a donation to the AINSE Trust.


AINSE Trust Benefactors


Anon Jean Balcombe Connie Banos Simon Bastin
Ralph Blake & Karyn Stanley Eileen Brogan Ashley Brown Ceilidh Collective Sales
Brian & Pat Charleton Josick Comarmond Nicola Creighton Danielle Crowley
Basil Ellis Tegan Evans Chris Garvey Martha Halliday
Kaye Hart Patrick Hartley Emmy Hoffmann Geraldine Jacobsen
Enrique Jarquin Andrew Jenkinson Catherine Kealley Hadi Khairuddin
Langkawi Rest Tom Loosz Haider Meriaty Lida Mohkber-Shahin
Genelle Odlum Tim Payne Dan Perera J Rowston & D Churchill
Luis Rudenas Ulla Rudko Rob Russell Val Sadler
Steve Vikatos Chris Waring Atun Zawadzki E/Professor Ronald McDonald


$100 – $999

E/Professor Stewart Campbell Professor Tim White Anon S & M Chambers
Eugenia Kuo & Craig Jin Peter Gell Celia Hacker Kaye Hart
Henk Heijnis Peter Holden Mike Hotchkiss Barbara Hurburgh
Dr James Mitroy Geoff Malone J Read Sandra Sdraulig
Jenny & Peter Sharp Bernd Lottermoser Dr Dennis Mather Professor Steven Thurgate
Dr Ron Cooper Cait Maloney Dr Robert Robinson
David Copplestone Environmental Agency Macquarie University Faculty of Science Prince of Wales Scottish Dance Group University of Sunshine Coast


$1000 – $10,000
Dr Roger Gammon

Mr A E (Bill) Palmer


Over $10,000
Ferris family