Strategic Directions

The Vital Link

AINSE was originally established as the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering Inc. in 1958 to provide a mechanism for access to the special facilities at Lucas Heights by universities and other tertiary institutions and to provide a focus for cooperation in the nuclear scientific and engineering fields. It has a specific mandate to arrange for the training of scientific researchers and the award of scientific research studentships in matters associated with nuclear science and engineering.
Today nuclear science at the Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre is devoted to supporting activities and research in a wide range of disciplines. These have applications in advanced technology, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, medicine and environmental protection. All are of vital importance to Australia’s future.

Many of the techniques and much of the expertise at Lucas Heights cannot be found elsewhere in Australia. AINSE plays an indispensable role in providing universities with access to major scientific facilities and encouraging a national cooperative research effort. It is a role that is efficient and cost effective. Universities are saved from duplicating expensive items of equipment and Commonwealth funding can be directed at one national facility instead of several with sub-critical funding.

AINSE Inc. developed into a new company, AINSE Ltd, which commenced trading on 1 January 2009. All AINSE programs were transferred from the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering Inc. into AINSE Ltd.



AINSE will be a leading authority and resource in addressing Australia’s societal challenges through nuclear science and engineering.



AINSE will reach its vision through
•  being an effective link between all stakeholders of nuclear science and engineering
•  playing an advocacy role for the Australasian nuclear community
•  playing a leading role in nuclear education and training
•  facilitating the development of multilateral and multidisciplinary strategic research initiatives
•  Utilising new streams of funding to increase its impact


Strategic Priorities

1.  Effectively communicate AINSE’s purpose to a wide range of different stakeholders
2.  Create an appropriate balance between funding project-based research and funding/facilitating multilateral and multidisciplinary collaboration
3.  Demonstrate leadership in the education of Australasia’s next generation of scientists with and interest in nuclear science and engineering
4.  Develop AINSE’s role as a credible advocate for the Australasian nuclear science and engineering community
5.  Provide an effective and efficient link between different capabilities related to nuclear science and engineering
6.  Seize new opportunities for funding beyond AINSE’s traditional sources
7.  Diversify AINSE’s membership and stakeholder base