Gold Medals

The AINSE Gold Medal is awarded for excellence in research, based on publications over the last five years which acknowledge AINSE support. The AINSE Gold Medal may be awarded jointly to collaborating researchers and one medal is reserved for graduate students, including those who have recently completed their PhD projects. Nominees for awards are submitted to the AINSE Council by the Specialist Committees for consideration at the December meeting each year. Awards are usually presented in the following May at the time of the Council meeting, and at the presentation of the medal, Gold Medallists give an address on their research.


Nominations should be sent to the Scientific Secretary at AINSE before the 15th September

Download AINSE Gold Medal Nomination Form


The AINSE Council may award an AINSE Gold Medal for excellence in research according to the following criteria:

  1. The award shall be open to members and former members of the academic, scientific or technical staff of member institutions of AINSE, including post-doctoral research fellows, research assistants and students.
  2. Up to four AINSE medals may be awarded each year, of which one medal is reserved for graduate students, including those who have recently completed their projects.
  3. The AINSE Gold medal may be awarded jointly to collaborating researchers.
  4. The AINSE Gold medal shall be awarded for research excellence, including publications with emphasis on recent work which acknowledges AINSE.
  5. Nominations should be made to the Scientific Secretary of AINSE before 15 September by a member of the staff or member institution of AINSE and should include a short citation of achievement together with a list of appropriate publications and one copy of each publication.
  6. Nominations shall be assessed by the appropriate AINSE Specialist Committee, who shall advise the Executive Committee, which shall make recommendations for the award of AINSE Gold Medals to the last AINSE Council Meeting of the calendar year.

AINSE Gold Medal Awards

Year Recipient Awarded
2015 Professor Ian Gentle, The University of Queensland
2015 Professor George Collins, Swinburne University of Technology Dec 2016
2015 Dr Emily Reynolds, The University of Sydney (Student) Dec 2016
2014 Dr David Cortie, University of Wollongong (Student) 2014
2014 Dr Nisa Salim, Deakin University (Student) 2014
2014 Dr Robert Hayes, The University of Newcastle (Student) 2014
2013 Dr Joel Pedro, University of Tasmania (Student) 2013
2013 Dr Arthur Smith, The University of Queensland (Student) 2013
2012 Ms Kateryna Bazaka, James Cook University (Student) May 2012
2011 Mr Mark Paskevicius, Curtin University (Student) May 2011
2010 Mr Sharth Sriram, RMIT University (Student) May 2010
2009 Mr Paul Saines Jun 2009
2007 Professor Stewart Campbell, University of New South Wales Dec 2007
2007 Mr Andrew Wroe, University of Wollongong (Student) Apr 2008
2006 Mr John Daniels, Monash University (Student) Dec 2007
2005 Dr Shane Kennedy, Bragg Institute, ANSTO Dec 2005
2004 Mr Gianluca Paglia, Curtin University of Technology (Student) Dec 2004
2003 A/Professor Brendan Kennedy, The University of Sydney May 2003
2003 Mr Iwan Cornelius, University of Wollongong (Student) Dec 2004
1999 Professor Jim Camakaris, The University of Melbourne May 2000
1999 Mr Darren Goossens, Monash University (Student) May 2000
1998 Prof Ian McDougall, The Australian National University May 1999
1998 Mr Ismundar, The University of Sydney (Student) May 1999
1997 Dr Trevor Hicks, Reader in Physics at Monash University May 1998
1997 Ms Katrina Frankcombe, University of Tasmania (Student) May 1998
1996 La Trobe University Fission Track Research Group led by Prof Andrew Gleadow May 1997
1996 Mr Jarrod Martin, The University of New South Wales (Student) May 1997
1995 Dr David Hill, Dr Peter Pomery, the late Professor James O’Donnell, The University of Queensland May 1996
1995 Mr Scott Walker, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Student) May 1996
1994 Professor Len Lindoy, James Cook University Dec 1995
1994 Mr Xing Sheng Li, Curtin University (Student) Dec 1995
1993 Professor Don Napper and Professor Bob Gilbert, The University of Sydney Nov 1994
1992 Professor Syd Haydon, University of New England Nov 1993