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AINSE Visit Request Form


Procedure: Please fill in your details in the Visit Request form and forward to AINSE will book your travel and accommodation and forward you all correspondence. Please be aware that you will need to provide the reason for the travel booking, example: your award number, the conference/meeting you will be attending etc. For more information please call Sandy O’Connor on 9717 3411. AINSE needs at least three weeks notice of your requested travel booking.


Meals whilst at ANSTO

Breakfasts are provided in the cafeteria from Monday to Friday however if you wish to have a continental breakfast left in your motel room please notify the motel staff.
Breakfast on weekends will consist of a continental breakfast provided from the motel staff.

The allowance for a breakfast is up to $11.00 per day. The Cafe will have a list with your name on and you must sign for your breakfasts.

If you wish to have a continental breakfast at the motel during the weekend you will need to alert the motel staff to this the day prior and is covered by AINSE as part of your accomodation allowance and no voucher is required.


Lunch is at your own expense and can be purchased from the cafeteria.

Hours are 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday. If required a lunch pack can be organised through the Motel staff at your own expense.

Dinners are available at the motel dining room from 5 45pm – 7pm weekdays. There are also takeaway menus available at the motel reception if you wish to order take away.

Please let the motel staff in advance if you would like dinner arranged for you. The dinner cost at the Motel is covered by AINSE as part of your accomodation allowance and no voucher is required.

If you are flying in on a Sunday evening and require a cold meal to be left in your room please let us know so I can have it arranged for you. This consists of a sandwich, bag of chips and a cold drink.

Please be aware if you are staying over a weekend at the Lucas Heights motel that the cafeteria is not open on the weekends and the motel does not provide lunch.
The motel will give you a sandwich if you request with them which will be at your own expense. Please speak to the motel about this when you arrive

Dietary Requirements
If you have any dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, Halal, etc) please inform us so that I can arrange the motel to make appropriate meals.

Directions from the Airport
During weekdays researchers are required to take the train from the Airport to Sutherland station and catch the ANSTO bus from Sutherland to the Lucas Heights for which you advise the bus driver that you with AINSE so that we can provide them with a ticket.

On weekends you can catch a train from the Airport to Sutherland and then a taxi to Lucas Heights.

AINSE will reimburse you for the cost of your train ticket and taxi and on your return will give you the train fare in advance and a bus ticket.

In certain instances AINSE will provide a taxi from and to the Airport but this must be pre-arranged as we use a specific hire car company.

Check In
Check in is after 2pm, if you arrive earlier please come to AINSE and we can arrange some where to put your bags.

Check Out
Check out is at 10am please ensure all bags are out of room, you can leave your bags in AINSE if you are catching a later flight.

Internet Access
If you require internet access in your motel room please see the motel staff.

Lucas Heights Motel Contact
Phone – 02 8525 4400
Email –