AINSE Early Career Researcher Talks


As a step towards developing a greater voice in the community and to pull together the wider nuclear science, technology and engineering community, AINSE is proud to announce a regular seminar series for early career researchers. The first of this series of talks commenced on Wednesday 10th September. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to find out what research the early career scientists at ANSTO are involved in! Gain an insight into collaboration with early career researchers at AINSE member institutions.

AINSE will be inviting a diverse cross section of people from AINSE member organisations/universities who have benefited from ANSTO’s unique facilities to present at these talks.  These Early Career Talks will be an opportunity to better co-ordinate and disseminate developments within our field and provide attendees with a networking opportunity involving a wider cross-section of people.

Bring your lunch and join us in the AINSE theatre from 12.00pm-1.00pm.

Get inspired by the talks and surprised by the lucky draw!


Past talks:

28th September 2016

Ryan Schwamm - "Pyridine-Supported Bicyclic Guanidines as Superbases"

James Christian - "Investigating New Materials for Next Generation Batteries"


28th June 2016

Corey Goodwin - University of Canberra - "Impact of gamma-irradiation of human cells upon nuclear versus mitochondrial forensic genotyping and relationship to oxidative stress biomarkers"

Gianna Evans - University of Auckland - "Holocene drivers of environmental change from high-resolution lake sediment sequences in northern New Zealand"


16th February 2016

Heather Haines – Griffith University - "Using Tree-Rings to Reconstruct Rainfall in the Australian Subtropics: A multi-technique approach"

Mitchell Klenner – Faculty of Science and Engineering, Curtin University - "Designing PET-Optical Multimodal Agents”


16th June 2015

Catriona Vanston - University of Tasmania - "Catalytically relevant palladium hydride complexes"

Fenfen Chang - University of New South Wales - "Evolution of crystallographic and magnetic phase transition in Cu1-xZnxFe2O4 studied by neutron powder diffraction"


14th April 2015

Tiago Freire - Southern Cross University - "Clear as Mud: Investigating complex mineral systems"

Emily Reynolds - The University of Sydney - SrRu0.5Tc0.5O3: Magnetism and structure

Jimena Samper-Villarreal - The University of Queensland - Dynamics of carbon storage in seagrass meadows


18th Mar 2015

Lydia Mackenzie - “A history of swamp development and human occupation of Bentinck Island, northern Australia”

John Daniels - "Electro-mechanical materials: What scattering studies have provided and the future of these functional materials"


17th Dec 2014

Floriana Salvemini  --  'Development of innovative methodologies for non-invasive characterization of metal artefacts of archaeological, historical, and industrial interest, through neutron imaging techniques'. View the slides

Vijay Bhatia  --  'AuCuAl Shape Memory Alloys for use in Opto-Mechanical Nanoactuators'


12th Nov 2014

Peter Akers --  'Do antibodies lie or are they upstanding? A neutron reflectometry study of biosensor surfaces'.  View the slides

Emma Rath --  'Investigating the structure of an anti-cancer compound by X-ray and neutron scattering'.


15th Oct 2014

Dr Helen Maynard -- Casely ‘Finding new ‘evaporite’ minerals on Saturn’s moon Titan’.   

Dr Daniel Riley 'Fusion Energy – The Grandest Challenge of Engineering Science'.