AINSE Research Projects

AINSE provides funds to assist researchers from member universities  and institutions to gain access to the national facilities at ANSTO and other AINSE facilities. Funding is provided for one year.


Applications for Research Awards - 2015 Round 1 -


on 31 August

Please note: if you would like to apply for access to the OPAL neutron scattering instruments and / or National Deuteration Facility, you must apply through ANSTO's Bragg Institute portal


Guidelines / Conditions / Rules

2015 Round 1 runs from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015.

2015 Research Awards Conditions / Guidelines / Rules


The research projects application title, name of the person applying for the award and institution are retained in a secure database on ANSTO's external web server. Access to this information is only available via the Research projects form through the use of the personal PIN number.This PIN number is the identifier of the person applying.

Information having been submitted using the 'Submit Now' button on the application form is transferred to a secure internal database and is used only by AINSE, its Specialist Committees, Executive and Council for the purposes of consideration of the  research project application. Encryption is not currently used. This information is not held on any external web server.

For further information about AINSE Research Projects - please contact AINSE on 02 9717 3376  or E-mail